Do slot machines have a pattern

Slot machines are one of the most popular gaming products you can ever find at an online casino. They have been around for decades and way before most of them transitioned to the world wide web where hundreds of thousands of players enjoy them.

Slots are indeed all the rage these days and you will see them featured at every casino, big and small, and in hundreds. So, the question naturally is – why are slots so popular, and even more importantly – Do slot machines have a pattern?

Slot Patterns: Truth or Myth 

There are hundreds of slots out there and you must be wondering – if there is a pattern to them. The simple answer is yes, but it also depends on what you understand by pattern. When you look at games such as ‘Finn and the Swirly Spinn’ and ‘Finn’s Golden Tavern,’ you can clearly see the ‘swirly mechanic’ as a pattern.

In games such as ‘Aloha! Cluster Pays,’ you can see a completely changed pattern of the payout. Other companies use a very basic and established payline model. In any case, yes – there are patterns to how slots payout for example. The question is, though, if you can leverage this knowledge to your advantage. 

Experience tells us that you cannot actually make the understanding of paylines lead to better winnings. However, you can see what games tend to pay earlier into the game. Now, this may be another myth.

You see, the theoretical return to player (RTP) rate makes payouts completely random. There shouldn’t be games that ‘pay better early on.’ In our experience, however, games with ‘walking wilds’ tend to be slightly more generous than most other titles we have experienced out there. 

In any event, you must approach gaming by focusing on games that are praised more so than others.

A Grain of Truth – User Reviews

The best place to look for patterns is in other players’ reviews. When you open a reviewing service, players will share their opinions. You will always spot a game that gets more attention from the community and you should perhaps look at what this is all about first yourself.

Yet, it’s important to keep in mind that some opinions and attention towards specific titles could all be just marketing hype as opposed to genuine high-payout in certain games. Besides, all reviews are subjective.

This means that if a person has won, they will probably write a review, but if someone has lost, they are somewhat less likely to do so, unless they have lost a lot. Then again, their loss is also not the source of objectivity.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that the question, “Do slot machines have a pattern” is sometimes they do but they are usually too subtle to be used as a reliable gauge. Yet, we ourselves do like Play’n Go and NetEnt games and stick with them when we play as we believe they provide us with slightly better payouts overall. Big winning potential is no joke.