Megaways Slot Games

Megaways Slot Games – The online casino world has seen lots of incredible innovations in recent years. Game developers are always looking for brilliant ideas to improve players’ experience and beat the competition. One such innovation is the Megaways slots. They were first developed by Big Time Gaming, a gaming provider based in Australia.

Megaways slot games work in an entirely different fashion from the regular slot machines. They offer players massive numbers of ways to win. In this post, we’ll give you a lowdown of what Megaways slots are, how they work, how to calculate wins on Megaways, and why you should try them out today.

What are Megaways slots?

Megaways slots are games that offer players hundreds of thousands of ways to win. Unlike other common online slots that offer a specific number of paylines, the number of ways you can win varies with every spin on Megaways slots.

This unique feature of Megaways adds more fun to the game and takes the suspense to a whole new level. Megaways slot games offer players more diversity. The number of symbols on the reels varies per game, and there could be as many as 117,649 paylines on some slots.

How do these games work?

Although Megaways slot games seem complicated, they are pretty straightforward in reality. Most Megaways have six reels, each featuring different numbers of symbols per spin, with a maximum of seven symbols per reel. The number of symbols you will get on each reel is randomly selected by the Mewaways mechanic, making it impossible to predict the number of paylines you will get. Like other online slots, multipliers, free spins, bonus rounds, and many more are also available on Megaways slots.

How to calculate wins?

Wins on Megaways slot games are based on matching adjacent symbols from left to right, irrespective of size. Usually, you won’t have to do the calculations yourself because the slot machine will do the work for you. However, here is a breakdown of how wins are calculated on Megaways to help you understand the mathematics behind these games.

The total number of winning ways is calculated by multiplying the number of symbols on each real with one another. For example, let’s assume you get the max number of symbols on each reel. The number of ways you can win will be calculated as:

7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 = 117,649 ways to win

If you are not a math fan, you don’t have to bother about this calculation. As earlier stated, you will see the number of ways you can win on the top of the screen of most slots.

Why should I play Megaways slots?

Megaways slot games provide the most thrilling and engaging slot experiences you will ever get online. Additionally, they offer a jackpot size potential. Megaways slots have high volatility, which means winnings don’t come often. However, they can be massive when they come.

Megaways Slot Games – Bottom Line

Megaways slot games are great innovations in the casino world that every slot lover should try out. They are exciting to play and offer the most number of ways to win. Stay glued to Casino FAQ to get the latest update on Megaways slots.

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