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ADVERTISER DISCLOSURE receives a commission from casino operators in return for on-site exposure – links to online casinos on the site contain a referral code through which they are able to provide us with a finder’s fee.

This remuneration does not impact our reviews which are provided by independent third parties. The reviews are the main factor in determining how we will rank a casino, however we will also take into account player feedback from a variety of sources as well as industry reputation and awards.

The referral code helps us to see which casinos represent the best value for players – we are able to see if players can easily make a deposit or if they quickly leave the casino, we can see how long they stay and how often they play, providing us with a clear picture of which casinos are worth playing at and which ones tend to provide a limited or downright negative user experience.

At no point is any personally identifiable information made available to us. The commission rate we receive can also contribute to the meta-score though it is not the main factor. We have found that generally only well-established, well funded and strongly regulated casinos are able to offer good rates to their affiliates so a higher commission rate is usually a good indicator of a well run casino brand.


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